We Are Given

We aren’t given patience. We are given the opportunity to be patient.
We aren’t given courage. We are given the opportunity to be courageous.
We aren’t given happiness. We are given the opportunity to be happy.
We aren’t given bravery. We are given the opportunity to be brave.
We aren’t given trust. We are given the opportunity to be trustworthy.


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A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 – by Isao Hashimoto

OK, so at first I was like “Who’s gonna watch a 15 minute video of nuclear explosions time-lapse, there were those +50 explosions that happened and we, the civilized humanity, should be deeply ashamed of most of them.

But after a minute I was hooked. This video becomes an amazing (but at the same time highly frustrating) poetry in motion. I basically saw the cold war unfold before my eyes in ways I never imagined: countries were LITERALLY communicating among themselves through the use of nuclear power!

As I’m posting this I’m only halfway through the video (by 1980 the count of nuclear detonations is already +1000); a strong feeling of urgency made me post it. And I just can’t stop wondering how much radiation has affected our water supplies and food crops.

Beautifully done, almost too operatic as what it depicts is pure human foolishness.

Moisés Naím – The End of Power

Wisdoms, wisdoms

Svetlana Makarovič: Namesto rož

… zato naj ti bo vsak nov dan
kot podarjen zaklad,
zato se uči vsak nov dan
imeti koga rad,
imeti rad, se dajati
kot sončna luč ljudem –
saj nezadržno gremo vsi
za vonjem krizantem. 

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Review | Firefox addon: AutoPager

Haven’t scouted for new FF addons since forever but am truly happy to have found this one. Works great on Google and YouTube (plus many more handy sites), which in itself will save me tons of clicks in the future:) And trust me, I’m not doing it justice with words, you really have to try it on Google images and just glide effortlesly through literally(!) hundreds of results in mere seconds!…

There’s also tweaks galore to customize it any which way you desire, but apart from setting the add-on to auto-detect I let them be – and it works great. When you don’t want to use it, the conveniently placed button in the status bar lets you turn it off/on with a no-fuss single click. Sweet!

This should give you a rough idea of how it works (notice the little green box notice in the bottom left corner-it lets you know when the next page is loading)


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Video | Batman is a psycho

DISCLAIMER: For maximum fun see both American Psycho and The Dark Knight before viewing the video below:P

The first thing that came to my mind the moment I saw that unfortunate(ly) Oscar worthy on-set performance was this vid (which I saw a mere couple of days before) and LOLed my ass off even more:

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Best commercials from the 43rd Superbowl

Hell, I was never and will probably never be into the whole “let’s all buy shit we don’t need and do the capitalist Rock”, but there’s no shame in finding a commercial effective, is there?:) I should mention that I ain’t from the States (and don’t eeeven get me started on American ‘foot’ball), but when a huge company will intentionally and willingly spend  gazillions of dollars for a Superbowl prime time commercial slot, you know they’ll get their message to the masses right, right?

Well, some of them, anyways;)…

5. Careerbuilder

4. LMAO syndrome

3. Denny’s

2. Hyundai

(major props for an unusuall, ballsy, yet somehow very classy statement/observation;) Also, great voice-over.)

1. Hulu

(now this is how you turn negative product criticism into a positive PR advantage! Also, the punch line + Alec Baldwin’s face are absolutely priceless!!!)

Honorable mentions




You can check the rest of the commercials here, but I think I’ve more or less picked the cream of the crop.

p.s. – what’s up with the content of these commercials anyway? If it’s not escapistic movies or beer, it’s commercials about changing that miserable job or settling that divorce. WTF America, WTF?!

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